How to make your social media profiles more professional

Recruiters and employers use social media to find suitable applicants but they also search social media channels to verify the facts on your CV, and to check out knowledge and attitudes expressed publicly. Optimising your profiles can help your job search. LinkedIn is a business-orientated social media site. Many recruiters use LinkedIn to headhunt relevant candidates.
1. Update your summary/profile – Recruiters will search LinkedIn for specific job titles, skills or technologies to find relevant candidates and your profile is likely to appear if you have completed your summary thoroughly. Spend time looking over your social media profiles to make sure everything you have posted is what you would want a potential employer to see. Remember, your profiles reflect you.
2. Complete your employment history –  Include plenty of detail about projects and achievements for each role. This will give recruiters and potential employers an accurate idea of your experience and your capabilities for future position
3. Professional profiles– LinkedIn provides an option where you can upload information to support your CV. If your LinkedIn profile and CV are inconsistent potential employers may think you have not been completely honest. Spend time completing your LinkedIn profile, choose a friendly and professional profile picture. On your profile you can input a list of skills and keywords, and your connections can then endorse you for those skills. Recruiters use this section to see where you excel and whether you would be a match for particular positions.
4. Google Yourself – We have all searched our self on the internet to see who and what appears.. Search engines make it so easy for employers to find out all about you within a split second. Beat them to it! Search your name along with your location and see what results you get – You may find old profiles with inaccurate information- take the time to find and update-remove these. Don’t forget to check the Google Image results to see who comes up with your name.
Many people forget to update their social media pages as they think potential employers won’t view them. Spend time to go through all your social media platforms to see if everything on their is suitable for a potential employer to see. It is extremely important to some thought into what you are sharing online. Managers like to see how their team are portraying themselves on social media.
– Wentworth James Team