After watching Manchester City vs Southampton I thought I had an easy title for the write up this week, with Haaland only scoring 1 goal it was an obvious choice UNTIL –  Michael Singh doesn’t only overtake David Slann he him leaves 14 points behind. A fall from grace or just a slip up?

Football wise, the talk of the weekend came on Sunday with Arsenal vs Liverpool causing controversy and mix opinions all over Social Media. VAR again a major talking point as it is believed that Bukayo Saka was unable to be picked up on any of VAR’s Hawkeye technology cameras hence they couldn’t give an accurate decision on the offside in the Arsenal’s second goal, meaning the decision stayed with the on field officials.

The highest point score this week came from James Howe with an excellent bench boost, he scored a whopping 95 points, 11 more than anyone else managed this weekend – a fantastic display.

Now all the focus moves on to Gameweek 12, will Michael hold his top spot or does David have a trick up his sleeve to reclaim that position?