The highlight of this weekend’s action came from Nottingham Forest social media team, a post criticised by all surrounding the club, including first team manager Steve Cooper, slating the posts poor nature in his pre-game week 12 press conference. Safe to say the top of the tree at Forest were not happy, swiftly recruiting for a new social media manager following the post.

Now on to the fantasy, a low scoring week for all, the highest score of the group coming from Daryl Allen with 77 points after activating his wildcard. An outstanding Jose Sa save along with a Mason Mount double helped him along his way with both players being owned by less than 10% of players.

Very little change at the top this week, a poor showing from Michael Singh with 36 points after taking a -4 hit but David Slann was not able to capitalise and the top 2 remains the same. Game week 12 will certainly be an interesting one with David and Michael having played majority of their cards and Manchester City vs Arsenal being postponed who’s team will come out and prosper or will there be a new leader this week?