Game week 3 finishes with Valentino Argeitis taking the top spot of the league.  An outstanding performance from the midfielders Rodrigo and Salah. Valentino made the right decision transferring Darwin out for Kane and putting him as captain.

David Slann takes second place after two weeks at the top of the league. With a poor performance from Cancelo and Alexander-Arnold in defence, David had a solid performance from his forwards including Toney, Haaland and Jesus as captain.

Taking third place is Owen Carr with Salah as captain and high points gained from Andreas and Toney. Owen did not see his defence pay off as he regretfully left Tripper on the bench, what transfers will he make this week? Will he keep Henderson in goal or put Sanchez in goal?

At the other end of the league, we saw some good teams and decent scoring points, unfortunately they still have some catching up to do.

Taking one of the bottom spots again is Daryl Allen who did get 52 points overall however remains last place. With great points from Perisic and Kane, the decision to transfer Darwin out paid off. Daryl should’ve put Tripper in rather than Digne in defence and Ramsdale rather than Mendy to see some higher points. It will be interesting to see the decisions he makes for game week 4.

In second last place we have Steven King who has gone down in the league from last week. With Mbeumo as captain who is only selected by 3% of players, we can see the risk did not pay off. Regretfully leaving Trossard on the bench who was the highest scoring midfielder on Stevens team. However, Steven had an amazing performance form Saliba gaining him 14 points at just £4.6 million.

Hayley Pearce is third from the bottom who made the decision to use her triple captain on Salah this week gaining her 24 points. With a great performance from Sancho, Hayley made the bad decision to leave him on the bench. She also had Lloris in goal, Rashford and Mitrovic which certainly gained a lot of points.

David Wells was our top performer this week with 72 points with a solid play from forwards Toney, Haaland and Jesus as captain and Perisic and Odegaard gaining the top points for David. He made the right decision to transfer Havertz out for Toney.