At the top of the league, we have Roman Slusarenko with 93 points. He made the smart decision having Haaland as captain. Also scoring him high points was Diaz and Alexander-Arnold.

Valentino Argeitis lost his top spot and is now in second place with 59 points.  He had Kane as captain and high points from Haaland, however a weak midfield and defence only gaining a couple of points each.

Keeping his third spot is Owen Carr with 76 points in game week 4. He mad ethe poor decision to captain Jesus, but saw some great points from Haaland, Diaz and Alexander- Arnold.

At the bottom of the league, we saw some shocking scores and poor decision making.

In last place we have Hayley Pearce who only got 39 points this week. Playing her triple captain last week has not done her many favours. Her top scorers were James, Perisic and Mitrovic. With a standard performance from the midfielders such as Foden and Salah, what decisions will Hayley make next?

In second last we have Stephen Mathews who had Salah for captain and Jesus as his vice. Shocking performance from the forwards, however a good range of scores in defence. In Stephens defence was Alexander-Arnold and James with the most points.

Taking third last place is Johann Schmidt with 32 points. Made the poor decision to captain Jesus and leaving Darwin in who is suspended until September. Saw some decent points from Barnes, Perisic and Vardy. How will Johann pull this back for game week 5?

The top performer this week goes to Harrison Wheeler with 93 points. Despite captaining Salah, having Alexander-Arnold, Diaz, Odegaarrd, Haaland and Sanchez all with solid performances took Harrison up to fourth place. With just 3.6% teams selecting Dalot, Harrison gained 11 points from selecting him.

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