Still keeping the top spot for game week 6 is David Slann. With Haaland as captain and solid performances from Toney, Trossard and Trippier David finishes with 67 points.

In second place is Owen Carr also with Haaland as captain. Owens top point scorers were Rashford and Toney. With a weak performance from the defence, what decisions will Owen make next?

In third place we have Michael Singh with 87 points who played his free hit this week. Michael got most of his points from Toney, Pope and Kane. Haaland was also Michael’s captain.

However, the other end of the league we saw some shocking results.

Still keeping her last spot is Hayley Pearce with just 31 points. She made the decision to captain Salah and saw some decent points from Mitrovic and Patterson. She regrettably left Pope on the bench and Sinisterra.

In second last place is Johaan Schmidt with 26 points. Regrettably captained Jesus and left Alisson on the bench rather than Ederson. Thiago Silva was Johaans highest scoring points. Alonso and Raphinha now out, what changes will Johaan make?

Stephen Matthews takes third last place with 37 points. He has regrettably used his wildcard and it clearly did not pay off. With Jesus as captain rather than Haaland and some decent points from Mitrovic and Trippier. Stephen saw a weak performance from his midfielders, it will be interesting to see what transfers he will make next.

Michael Singh was not only in the top three, but he was the top performer for game week 6 with 87 points.