Still at the top of the league is David Slann with 57 points and his free hit used. He regrettably left Dier and Mykolenko on the bench. However, he saw high scores from De Bruyne, Cancelo and Kane. He would’ve been better off captaining one of those rather than Haaland.

Also keeping his same spot is Owen Carr in second place. Along with David, Owen used his free hit as well gaining 73 points. Owen saw a solid performance from the midfielders Bernando, Foden and Son.  Owen made the poor decision leaving Saliba and Patterson on the bench and captaining Kane rather than Son.

Again, keeping third place is Michael Singh who got 76 points in game week 8. His top points were gained from Saliba, Cancelo, Jesus, Haaland and Ederson in goal. Michael made the decision to captain Kane as well as Owen.

At the other end of the league, we have the same bottom three and not many improvements.

Hayley Pearce in last place again with 45 points. She made the big error of captaining Salah but had Jesus as vice. She saw some good points from Cancelo, Foden and Patterson.

In second last place still is Johann Schmidt with 38 points. With Jesus as captain and Ederson as vice he gained some decent points. Johanns highest points were from Dias and Stones, but there was an a shocking effort from the midfielders such as Ward-Prowse, Coutinho and Barnes.

Keeping the third last spot is Stephen Matthews with 35 points. He had Haaland as captain and saw some good points from Trippier, White and Jesus. Stephen did however have 7 none players in his team.

Our top performer this week is Callum Handy with 77 points! He saw a great performance from his forwards Jesus, Haaland and Kane. Other high scorers include Cancelo, Ramsdale and Trippier. Callum would’ve been better off putting Son as captain rather than Haaland. However, he did use his free hit, can he keep this performance up in game week 9?